First Prize

What or who is your first choice for Sccoundrel of the Year 2016. A Rogue, the most unscrupulous person you can find, someone who has a disastrous effect on society.


First Runner-Up

This is the second place candidate.  Another villian for sure, but just slightly behind the first one.  This could also be a company, a mob, an oligarch, a banker, anyone in the national news.  No, your loud neighbor does not qualify, it has to be a person or a company that messes with the whole country.


Second Runner-Up

This is the third place winner, only a shade better than number two.


It's not so easy these days!  America is full of candidates - bankers, politicians, mass killers, religious nuts, crazed groups, devil worshippers, and many more physchotic people who could be nominated to the year's worst example of what a true scoudrel really is.  There's also thousands of corporations to choose from, like frackers, student loan outfits, criminal bansksters, oil companies, etc.  We try to pick only the cream of the crop.


Send us your choice for 2016.

It's Not Easy To Find the Worst Scoundrel. So Many Choices!

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